Vienna, Austria

Vienna (English : Vienna , German: Wien ) is the capital and one of the nine provinces in Austria. Vienna is known as a city of culture, which gave birth to many famous musicians such as : Schubert , Johann Strauss I, Brahms , Mozart and Beethoven. For centuries, the city serves as the capital of the Habsburg Empire, which is quite famous and powerful in Europe. The city is also well-known as the economic hub of South-Central Europe . Vienna architecture reflects the best forms of various ages , ranging from the Gothic period, baroque, and modern. Vienna also often held world-level diplomatic conferences. UN agencies and other international organisations , such as OPEC and OFID,  are also have their headquarter in this city .

,,Vienna holds top spot as city with highest quality of life”
(Moodly 2014)
,,Mercer named Vienna as the city with the highest quality of life in the world . This ranking is automatically named Vienna as the best place in the world either to settle or work.” (Deil 2014)