Indonesian Youth and Students Association in Austria (PPI-Austria) is a non-commercial organisation that serve as gathering platform of Indonesian youth and students who were living a in Austria. PPI-Austria firmly believed that student and youth contribution to our country has no restrictions on distance and time. We, as noble cultured citizens of Indonesia, wants to uphold the spirit of togetherness , mutual cooperation , and Indonesian motto ” Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ” through activities that actively build the spirit: Fusiön Festival .

Fusiön 2014 will be held in Vienna on 30-31 May 2014. This event is also organised to commemorate sixty years of bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Austria. Fusion is an acronym of “Fun and Sport Indonesian-Österreich Network”.

As the location of the Fusiön 2014, Vienna is located in the heart of the European continent and played a key role as one of the world’s cultural development . Vienna also has an important role in world politics , where the city is the headquarters of several international organisations such as the United Nations ( UN) , the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC ) and the OPEC Fund for International Development ( OFID ).


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